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Benefits of Having a Canadian Citizenship

How to Speed Up Your Canadian Citizenship Application

Becoming a citizen in one of the safest, cleanest and wealthiest countries on the world is no easy feat. In this article, you will learn some of the most amazing benefits of having a Canadian citizenship


It’s the dream of most permanent residence of Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship once qualified. The benefits enjoyed by citizens of the country are not all available to permanent residents. Below are some of the benefits enjoyed by citizens

  • Eligibility for More Job Opportunities

As a permanent residence of Canada, you’re limited to some employment opportunities. This is however different for citizens as they’re eligible for government jobs and other jobs that required security clearance.

  • Right to Vote and Be Voted For

Canadian citizens have the right to hold political office and represent their constituency or provinces. They also have the right to vote in both national and provincial elections. With these, they’re able to contribute and influence both federal and provincial politics.

  • Amazing Travel Rights

As a citizen of Canada, you’ll be able to visit most countries of the world without the need for a visa. You can also visit some by receiving visa on arrival to the country. Countries that falls into this category are some of the top tier countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and others.

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According to recent passport ranking in 2021, the Canadian passport was ranked 9th out of 210 passports of the world. With the passport, you can enter, leave and remain in Canada.

  • Transmission of Citizenship to Children

Unlike permanent resident, Canadian citizens are able to transmit their citizenship to their offspring. Surely, you can be citizen once you’re born in the country. However, only citizen of the country are qualified to transmit their citizenship to their offspring born out of the country

  • Dual Citizenship

Canada government permit citizens to have dual citizenship. This allows foreign immigrants who become citizens of the country to retain their formal citizenship provided it’s allowed by the parent country.

  • Permanent Status

Permanent residents of the country must adhere to residency requirements and regulations. However, Canadian citizens are allowed to live outside of the country without any consequences. Permanent residents might also be deported if facing any serious crime but as a citizen, even after conviction from a serious crime, your citizenship will still remain valid.

  • Non-Renewal of Documentation

Permanent residency permit are only valid for a period of five (5) years after which the bearer will need to apply and pay a new fee. However, Canada citizenship is forever valid and citizens who would like to travel internationally will only need to renew their passports every ten years.

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Now that you know some of the benefits of having a Canadian citizenship, are you ready to start working towards it?


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