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Cost of Living in Canada for International Students

How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 as an International Students

A lot of new immigrants and students who wish to study or live in Canada wonder “what’s the cost of living in Canada for international students”?



Most students from all over the globe prefer to study in top tier countries outside of their parent country. This is mostly as a result of wanting improved standard of living, lower tuition fees or for a conducive and enabling learning environment.

It’s a dream come true for a lot of international students to study in top tier countries. Canada with its developed economy, diversify culture, and open arm to immigrants is a popular destination for international students.

Requirement to Study in Canada

In comparison to all other top tier countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and others, studying in Canada is more affordable.

Although, the tuition fees of educational institutions is relatively cheap compared to other top tier countries, studying in Canada will still cost quite a fortune.

As a matter of fact, during your visa application process to study in the country, you need to provide proof of financial capability to cater for yourself and accompanying family member throughout your stay in the country.

Although, tuition fees in the country varies depending on your course of study as well as choice of institution. Another important factor that contributes to your living expenses in the country is the province of your school of choice and the standard of living of the province.

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How to Obtain Study Visa

Before you can study in the country as an international student, you must first apply for a study visa which would give you the opportunity to legally live and study in the country.

The cost of applying for study visa is within the range of One hundred and fifty Canadian Dollar (CA$150). However, as an international student from a developing country, you can be exempted from paying the application fee.

How Expensive is Canada?

As an international student wishing to study in top-tier countries, you need to compare and contrast the cost of studying and living in other top tier countries with Canada. Below is a sneak peek into the cost of living and studying in Canada and other top-tier countries.

Country/City Monthly Rent (C$) Meal Cost (C$) Monthly transportation cost (C$)
Montreal, Canada 1,290 65 86
Toronto, Canada 2,300 90 151
London, United Kingdom 3,100 110 272
New York, USA 3,100 140 175
Berlin, Germany 1,500 73 137
Sydney, Australia 2,600 106 218

From the table above, it can be deduced that the cost of living in Canada is not as high when compared with other top tier countries of the world.

Factors That Needs to Be Considered When Calculating Cost of Living in Canada

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As an international students wanting to effectively calculate the cost of living in Canada. The following factors needs to be carefully considered:

  • Accommodation: If you’re thinking of applying to Canada as an international student, this is one of the major expenses you need to consider. Choosing to study off-campus will definitely means higher cost which will definitely affects the cost of living in the country.
  • Food Expenses: This is another major expenses that you need to consider. This covers both meal and groceries and on average, an individual spends around C$200 monthly on groceries.
  • Transportation Charges: This is the cost of moving from one place to the other in the country. This actually depends on the distance of your travels since there’re lots of ways by which you can move within the country. There is both public and private transport, choosing private transport means higher expense which will definitely affect the cost of living in the country.
  • Student Expenses: This covers the cost of tuition depending on your choice of institution and other miscellaneous charges which include payment for textbooks, entertainment, clothing and others.
  • Health Insurance: It’s important to get an insurance in the country. You can get before moving to the country or immediately you enter the country.
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Now that you know the cost of living in Canada for international students, are you thinking of moving and need a little help? Contact us for guidance.

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