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Five (5) Essential Documents Required to Study in Canada as an International Student

How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 as an International Students

A lot of new immigrants and students who wish to study or live in Canada wonder “what’s Documents Required to Study in Canada?”

Recently, Canada has gradually become one of the favorite country for international students from all over the globe. This is an evident of the over 800,000 international students in the country.

The reasons why most international students chose Canada is due to its superb quality of education, diverse culture, and developed economy. It also gives student the opportunity to work and earn money without the need for a work permit. The experience gained from working part-time will in turn play a key role in furthering their career after school. It’s also another way for international student to kick-start their application for international residency.

Are you also considering or planning to move to Canada to further your studies? Then it’s not too late nor too early to check through the necessary and important documents that you must have with you.

Five (5) Essential Documents You Need to Study in Canada

Below are five essential documents you need to study in Canada. It’s important to note that the documents required are not limited to these five

  • Acceptance Letter
  • A study permit
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of funds
  • Health coverage
  1. Acceptance Letter: The first document you need to apply for a study permit which in turn would kick-start your journey as an international student is an acceptance letter. You need to obtain an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution in the country.
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Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are colleges, universities, and schools in the country with the approval to admit/host international students

All primary and secondary schools in the country have the permission to hold international students but it’s different for universities which is why it’s important to research and confirm whether your desired institutions is approved to host international students.

The acceptance letter will serve as a proof that you have been accepted by a DLI to come and study in the school. Without an acceptance letter, there’s no way you can apply for a study permit which is why it’s one of the essential documents required to study in Canada as an international student.

  1. A study permit: With a study permit, it shows that the international student is authorized by the Government of Canada to study in a DLI in the country. However, before you can obtain study permit, some eligibility requirement must be met by the applicant. Study permit is also given for courses in a DLI with more than 6 months duration.

Before you can obtain study permit, the student would need to provide some eligible documents which include an acceptance, proof of finances, and other related documents.

Note: Students must apply for the student permit before the beginning of the course of study in the DLI as processing time varies based on provinces and country of origin of the student.

  1. Proof of Funds: This is one of the compulsory requirement before you can be issued a study permit to study in any DLI in Canada as an international student. You need to be able to proof that you have sufficient fund to cater for tuition fee, your upkeep and any accompanying family throughout your stay in the country.
  2. Proof of Identity: This is another important requirement for an international student to study in Canada. You need to be able to provide a valid and updated proof of identity of your home country. This might be inform of your international passport of yourself and any accompanying family member
  3. Health Coverage/Insurance: Before you can study in Canada as an international student, you need to provide an health insurance/coverage that would be valid for at least a year. Although some DLI in the country offer health insurance plan whose cost will be added to the tuition fees
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Well, highlighted are the five most important document/things you need to study in Canada as an international student. The best time to start your application is right now and who knows this could be your pathway to migrate to Canada.


Now that you know the Documents Required to Study in Canada, are you ready to start applying.

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