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How to Bring Your Family to Canada While You Study

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A lot of new immigrants and students frequently ask “How to Bring Your Family to Canada While You Study”?

Did you know that as an international studying in Canada, you can invite your spouse or family member to come and join you in the country?

Canada Immigration has a strong on unification of family. So with the program, your spouse or family can be eligible to move and work in the country with an open work permit as long as your student remain valid. Your children can also come along with you to Canada and be able to attend public schools in the country without the need to apply for a student visa of their own.

Who is your family member?

Your family member is your spouse, conjugal partner, and dependent children.

Work Permit for Spouses

If you’re a full time student in Canada with valid study permit in the country, you can help your partner or spouse in applying for an open work permit. This open work permit will allow your partner to be able to work in the country. The permit is valid throughout the entire length of the validity of the student visa. In order for an international student to be eligible to apply for this open work permit, the student must be studying a full-time program and have valid student permit at;

  • A public higher institution of learning in Canada
  • A private higher institution of learning in Canada that receives half of its overall grant from the government
  • A private institutions authorized by provincial government to confer degree on students
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One of the distinct benefit of the open market work permit is that it allows the bearer to work in any sector and for any employer in the country. A job offer or assessment from labour market isn’t required.

International Student with Kids

As an international student studying full-time program in the country are eligible to bring their dependent children along with them. This is possible if the children are below the age of 19 as they’re considered minors. As long as the international student visa is valid, the student are open to move to the country as well as study in Canadian public school without the need for student visa of their own.

NOTE: In situations where the international student (parent) loses the status of their student visa through expiry or other issues, the spouse/partner and children also loses their permit and free education respectively.

Required Documentation  

  • Proof of enrolment of the student
  • A letter of invitation to the relative
  • Proof of relationship with the international student. This can either be marriage certificate or birth certificate for spouse and children respectively
  • A copy of valid study permit


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