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How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 as an International Students

How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 as an International Students

Looking for a short concise guide on “How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 ”?

Normally, thousands of international students from all over the globe move to Canada for their studies. But as we all know that due to the menace of Covid-19, the economy and everything is not back to normal.

This is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide for international students which would no doubt provide them the necessary information they need to know about studying in Canada during the Covid-19. This ranges from travel restriction, eligibility requirement, travel criteria, study permit applications and lots more. Relax while we take you through.

Latest News on Covid-19 for International Students

Before any international students will be allowed to move into the country, it’s required that the students be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. It’s also important to note that fully vaccinated immigrants will also have to strictly adhere to Covid-19 travel requirements.

Before you can be considered fully vaccinated, you must have fully received one of the variant of the Covid-19 vaccines approved for immigration to Canada. Note that you must have received your last dose of the vaccine 14 days earlier than your travelling date.

Below are some of the approved vaccine for Canada immigration;

  • Sinovac
  • Sinopharm
  • Covaxin
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Johnson & Johnson
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Requirement for International Students to Move to Canada

  1. For an international students to move to Canada as from January 15th, 2022, you need to be fully vaccinated and strictly follow Covid-19 travelling guidelines. Although, before the said date, unvaccinated international students will be allowed to move into the country provided they’re moving into an institution with a full Covid-19 readiness plan.

Covid-19 Readiness Plan for Designated Learning Institution

All designated learning institution in the country must strictly adhere to the following regulations

  • Guiding of their students in obtaining basic needs like food, medicine and others during their 14 days of quarantine
  • Formulate and put in place a plan for their student to fully observe the compulsory 14 days of isolation upon moving to the country
  • Have a plan that would enable them pass information to their students on their travel and health requirements
  • Protecting of students health if there are positive cases of Covid-19.
  1. A valid study permit is required for international students to move to the country. You’ll not be allowed into the country if you have a suspended or canceled study permit

Is Canada Still Processing Study Permit Applications?

Yes, you can still apply for study permit and get it processed. However, the IRCC has announced that a lot of application are currently experiencing delay to the effect of Covid-19

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Documents Required for a Canada Study Permit

In order to apply for a Canadian Study Permit, the following documents are required

  • Proof of acceptance: This would be sent to you by your school and it must be included in your study permit application form.
  • Proof of identity: A valid passport or travel document is required, you must upload a copy of your identity during the application
  • Proof financial support: This is a proof to show that you can cater for yourself and any accompanying family member while you are in Canada.


Now that you know How to Migrate to Canada in 2022 as an International Students, are you thinking of moving and need a little help? Contact us for guidance

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