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How to Pass IELTS Exam in One Sitting

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A lot of new immigrants and students who wish to study or live abroad often ask “How to Pass IELTS Exam in One Sitting?

A proficiency in one of the two official languages of the country is one of the major requirement for obtaining a permanent residency permit in Canada. It’s important you clearly understand how to read, write, and communicate effectively in either English or French Language. This plays a key role in boosting your CRS score and could expedite your journey to obtaining permanent residency permit.

The International English Test System (IELTS) is a widely accepted language proficiency test system in Canada. It’s an English exam that must be effectively passed by all English immigrants into the country before you can apply for permanent residency permit.

Before you can stand a chance of obtaining Canada Permanent Residency Permit, live or study in Canada, there’s a certain score requirement that you must met. Although, score requirement varies depending on the program you’re applying for or the institution to which you seek admission from if it’s a study visa.

Minimum IELTS score required to Obtain Canada Permanent Residency Permit

Depending on the program or choice of institution you’re applying for, minimum requirement varies. So for any program or designated learning institution you’re applying for, the requirement IELTS pass score will be clearly stated

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The IELTS test is subdivided into four categories which include; speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Having a minimum score of 6 points from each categories will give you a CLB (Comprehensive Language Benchmark) of 7 points.

How to Pass IELTS in one Sitting

Passing the exam or test as you would like to call in one sitting requires no magical touch. The result you get lies with you and how much you value your time and the examination.

If you have a second thought about passing the examination in one go, then I wouldn’t recommend this guide to you. Nonetheless, highlighted below are some of the ways to excel in the exam at your first go.

  • Early Preparation: Just like the popular saying “early to bed, early to rise”. Early preparation for the examination will give you ample time to go through all the materials and time to thoroughly practice all the exercises.
  • Clearly understand the structure of the exam: Having a clear understanding of the examination structure will reduce your stress in preparing of the exam. This would enable you to be aware of relevant questions to expect and how questions are structured and answered.
  • Separately Practice Each Section: Since the exam is subdivided into four different sections. Take time to judicious practice each sections separately.
  • Practice with Genuine and Recommended Materials: We have various fraudsters peddling fake IELTS practice materials these days due to the ever increasing growing number of immigrant seeking to pass IELTS exam. Go to the IELTS portal to get recommended note and materials to effectively prepare for the exam.
  • Practice Writing: Constant writing will no doubt help in polishing your writing skills. Since you’ll be required to write two essays during the examination, it’s important to start practicing right from this moment. You can seek help from tutors and other online resources or friends to inspect and correct your mistakes.
  • Start Listening to Foreign Accent: A lot of immigrant find the listening section a bit complicated due to difference in accent. So start practicing today and listening to foreign accents podcasts and news to get familiar with foreign accents.
  • Practice Reading: Improve your reading skills by constantly reading blog posts and newspapers. This would enable you to effective interpret and understand anything you read.
  • Practice Speaking: Practicing and improving your English speaking skills is vital before writing your IELTS exam. One of the key problem for the development of your English speaking skills is lack of confidence. This can however be overcome by constant practicing.
  • Read and Re-Read Instructions: When writing your exam, try to read and re-read instructions to clearly understand the question
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Like I stated earlier, passing your IELTS exam in a go does not require any magic touch but lies with you. However, I’m sure this guide will surely guide and help you in passing at a go.


Now that you know How to Pass IELTS Exam in One Sitting, do you need help with materials?



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