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How to Speed Up Your Canadian Citizenship Application

How to Speed Up Your Canadian Citizenship Application

A lot of new immigrants and students who wish to study or live in Canada often ask us “How to Speed Up their Canadian Citizenship Application?

Even after meeting all the requirements and essential qualifications for Canadian Citizenship application, errors during your application and some other factors can contribute to delay in its processing.

Having a Canadian Citizenship have lots of mouthwatering benefits which are enjoyed by permanent citizens of the country. Benefits which ranges from;

  • Unrestricted travelling access to the country
  • Right to Vote and the Voted for
  • Availability of more jobs opportunity
  • Renewal of immigration document is not required

Nobody says it would be easy to secure Canadian Citizenship so you should expect it to be worrisome but believe me, we both know it’s worth the stress. However, one of the best ways to speed up your application is by providing accurate information required for the application.

Eligibility Requirement for Canadian Citizenship

Before you can be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship, the following conditions must be met

  • Be a permanent residence of the country
  • Lived in the country as a PR for more than 3 years
  • Language Proficiency Certification (French or English)
  • Meet all the tax requirements in the last 3 years

Process of Application for Canadian Citizenship

  • Download your application form online
  • Corrected filled out the form
  • Include all supporting documents with your application form
  • Pay the application and processing fee
  • Mail your application and appropriate documentation to the CIO office in Nova Scotia, Canada
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Special Cases for Emergency Application of Citizenship

There are special cases in which the application process for Canadian Citizenship can be processed swiftly. Your application will be duly check to verify whether it meets the requirements to be considered for urgent processing. The following are some of the emergencies that can lead to urgent processing of Canadian Citizenship

  • Application for a job opportunity
  • In order to avoid losing a job
  • Admission into a Canadian University, school or college
  • Due to death or serious illness in a family



Now that you know How to Speed Up your Canadian Citizenship Application, are you thinking of moving and need a little help? Contact us for guidance

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