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The Cost of Living in Alberta, Canada

The Cost of Living in Alberta, Canada

A lot of new immigrants and students who wish to study or live in Canada wonder “what’s the cost of living in Alberta”?

We will do a break down in a short while.

Most students from all over the globe prefer to study in top tier countries outside of their parent country. This is mostly as a result of wanting improved standard of living, lower tuition fees or for a conducive and enabling learning environment.

It’s a dream come true for a lot of international students to study in top tier countries. Canada with its developed economy, diversify culture, and open arm to immigrants is a popular destination for international students.

Is Cost of Living in Alberta High

Alberta is a province in Canada located in Western part of Canada. Edmonton is the capital city of the province with Calgary as its largest city. The economy of the province is based on hydrocarbons, livestock, and petrochemical, agriculture, and frontier technologies.

Alberta is one of the best province in the whole of Canada to pursue educational studies for international students due to the presence of prominent educational institution. Having a good knowledge of the cost of living in the province will surely help applicant in the accurate estimation of their budget

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Expenses for International Students in Alberta

Highlighted below are some of the expenses to get an idea of the cost of living in Alberta for international students studying in the province .

  • Accommodation Costs: We divide into two which are; short term stay and long term stay

For Short Term Stay

Accommodation Type Price Range/Night in CAD
Hotels 45 – 320
Bed and Breakfast Stay 40 – 250
Hostel 30 – 200

For Long Term Stay

Accommodation Type Price Range in CAD
Homestay 900 – 2,000
Residence / Dormitory 6,000 – 15,000  per 8 months
Rented Apartment 450 – 1,600 per month


  • Food Expenses: We provide rough estimate of household consumption in three famous cities in Alberta
Estimates Rate (CAD)
Non-alcoholic drinks 2.5
Alcoholic drinks 9
Grocery 380 per month
Milk 2.3 per liter
Water 0.5 per bottle
  • Transportation Expenses: We compare different mode of transportation in Montreal and Quebec city
Mode of Transport Charges (CAD)
Personal Driving 1.2 per liter
Public transport monthly ticket 100
Taxi 3.5
  • Healthcare Charges in Alberta: Before you can enroll in a designated learning institution in Canada, you need to obtain medical insurance certificates. You can either do this before moving into the country or immediately after landing in the country.
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Basic Coverage of Health Insurance

  1. Alberta Aids to Daily Living
  2. Alberta Blood Program.
  3. Continuing care system
  4. Drug coverage and supplementary health benefits
  5. Health benefits and services
  6. Primary health care
  7. Protection for persons in care


  • Student Expenses: Tuition fees of educational institutions in the province is lower compare to other provinces in the country. Other expenses aside tuition fees include, payment for textbooks, entertainments, and other miscellaneous items.

Tuition Fees for International Students in Top 5 Institutes in Alberta

Name of the Educational Institute Tuition Fees (CAD)
Athabasca University 9,320
Mount Royal University 12,200
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 9,000
University of Alberta 20,395
University of Calgary 12,695



Now that you know the cost of living in Alberta

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